Joining RUNSOC couldn't be easier.
Fill in Join RUNSOC form and then join the WhatsApp Group.

How Much Does It Cost? 

RUN SOCIAL is free. We only ask that you engage on our LinkedIn content and share the club. 

RUN SOCIAL uses Email and WhatsApp to organise ourselves, arrange events, and to keep in touch with the wider community. If you are interested in joining a local group, you will need to fill in the 'Join RUNSOC' form and scan the relevant QR below and we look forward to seeing you at RUN SOCIAL.

You'll find the Join RUNSOC button below as well as your local group QR codes. Please scan to join directly in once you've completed the form! If you can't scan in you can click on the 'WhatsApp Link' button below and that will take you directly to your WhatsApp group. 

Hit the Join RUNSOC button to start your sign up!

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Keep in the loop by remaining in the QR groups. Please continue to help us grow by and sharing these QR and WhatsApp links around!