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Running Squad



​Depending on level of sponsor, we have a variety of offers in return;

  • Coverage on all our Club and  Ambassador LinkedIn pages, totaling 1.1m+ views in Year 1

  • Brand awareness, marketing and out reach

  • Wednesday Club sponsor

  • Access to hundreds of Sales/Marketing/Recruitment professionals

  • Your name or logo on our website, merchandise, event kit, events pages, marketing and socials 

  • Own the sponsorship opportunities of specific events

See below for descriptions of each level of sponsor. 


Become our main sponsor 

Sponsor us for an entire year. Be that company who enables us to give out more RUNSOC merch, more pairs of trainers, more tickets than we ever could before. Help us go abroad. Help us go on day trips. Help us look after our people.

And expect everything that we can give back.

Be the main player, the big cheese. Be the one who makes it all happen.


Become the sponsor of our RS Club kit 

Sponsor our kit and you can be the reason we can all look and feel like professionals. Be the person who brings together our club, who unifies our team, and who will be person to spend a penny to make people feel a million dollars for those race day photos and memories.

Be the catalyst for trips of a lifetime.


Become an RS Event sponsor

Sponsorship of an RS race day such as Hackney Half, LDN Big Half, or X-Trail events. Help us to events, support the club in the UK. Or perhaps an abroad event... Be the company who help us take the RUNSOC community to the Alps for an Ultra Marathon, or to Yoga & Wellness weekends in Spain. 

Be the catalyst for trips of a lifetime.


Become a community contributor and legend

Sponsor by giving a little which means a lot. Be that company or person who is associated with us because they love the brand, vision, and company. Support the club where it's necessary without breaking the bank. We can put your name on Partners page and spread the word, but mostly we're just thankful.

Be the unsung hero of our tale.

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