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Meet from 6pm

Leave at 6.20pm



RUN SOCIAL's Scottish founding member is run by our two most fantastic volunteers; Mark Armstrong and Jenny Armstrong (Founders of OXHU) and we are based out of Duthie Park in central Aberdeen. Jenny being a keen runner and Mark having 20+ years coaching in the fitness world under his belt, paired with the freedom that Duthie Park offers enables Aberdeen's Wednesday Club runs to offer variety and expertise like no other RS event. 

RUNSOC Aberdeen will change their route weekly depending on what the group are looking for that particular week, and with Mark's professional coaching experience, you will have the pleasure of picking his brains for nuggets of expertise and as they plod around the park.

Traditionally a smaller, more tightly-knit group, the Aberdeen crew are lucky to have a wonderful and intimate community with a welcoming feel to anyone who wishes to join. The members often join up with their English counterparts participating in our RUNSOC Events around the UK and Europe and really embedding sewing themselves into the fabric of RUN SOCIAL.

Please show your appreciation to the OXHU for all of their support they give to our community. After all, without them none of this would happen the way it does. Pop them a follow, book a class, and support our community. 


Please contact the Community Leader for any more questions 

  • Meet: Duthie Park, Polmuir Road, Aberdeen AB11 7TH 

  • Facilities: ​2hr Free Stay Carpark 

  • Timings: 6pm Meet, 6.10pm Mark's Warm Up, 6.20pm Off We Go!

  • Pace: Approx. 30-32 min per 5k

  • Popular Distances: 5-6k most frequently 

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