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The best way to socialise in your city

#VivaLaRunSoc || '99% Sober'


RUN SOCIAL is a social event designed to create a healthy, fun, and alcohol free platform for socialising, networking and exercising. It is a social running community where people can enjoy their running, improve their health, meet new friends and expand their professional networks, all at the same time. 

We are a right mixed bag of runners; some practically brand new to it, and others well weathered, but we all stick together and celebrate and cheer everyone’s success as if it were our own.

Whether you’re looking to crack a new PB, conquer a certain distance, or just enjoy getting out and about, please feel free to join RUNSOC and our runs.

Joining RUN SOCIAL is easy... Follow this link Join RUNSOC , join our community, and away we go. You’ll be up and running in no time...

Interested in creating your own RUNSOC...?

Running in City


Running Happily


Wednesday Club is RUNSOC's bread and butter... our hugely popular Wednesday after-work-run. These are chatty, social, enjoyable runs around the City parks, rivers, and landmarks; a great place to socialise, meet new people and network, all whilst working on your base foundation of fitness.

RUN SOCIAL create and design each 5-7km loop to accommodate key public transport locations to allow for easy access home no matter where you're headed.

Meeting from 6pm, with the runs taking off at 6:20pm every Wednesday heading off at a leisurely pace to warm up and get everybody speaking. 

Don't worry about pacing, we're not focusing on speed here... Grab your bunch, stick with them, do what you can, and come back the week after, and the next week, and then the next too...

Encouraged to speak to someone you don't know yet, this is the space to meet, greet and make new friends.

RUN SOCIAL are looking forward to having you on board.

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